We had talked about it for quite a long time. About maybe spending a little more lengthy period abroad. To get more time together as family.

Since how many times haven't other parents with older, or moved out kids , emphasized how terrible it quickly passed to their offspring to grow up? Furthermore you can never be the least certain of exactly how long you will have the people that mean the most around. And it's pretty easy to forget when you are in the so-called daily puzzle. In the rat race.

We wished to spend time in a place with a little kinder climate than the Swedish. Preferably some place where one would not have to wear socks and many layers of clothing. And. In what, from a human point of view, seems to be a ever hardening climate, so would we like to introduce our children to other cultures and places, hoping to give them insight into that there are many different ways that's okay to live on. One just has to dare to trying it..

Then the opportunity appeared. We decided to follow our dreams. We started planning and organizing.

We terminated our rather secure, well off employments, froze subscriptions, said the nursery places and picked up the secondary tenants. We made budgets and spent a little too much time with To track on Skyscanner.

So instead of following the, for us toddler parents “mid life”, given path; to find the right real estate in the suburbs, thinking about our next career step and make decisions about which leisure activities our children would be activated in – so we took a break and did something else.

autumn 2016 we went to Asia and Australia for adventure and jobs. This blog is about the.

Swedish singer Laleh's song “Bara vara mig själv (To just be myself)” has become something of a signature tune for the whole family during the summer when we were planning for our future 🙂

3 thoughts on “om DAYS”

  1. This sounds wonderful I think, so jelouse of you! So cool that you are doing this and what invaluable family time together! Should you follow this blog. Good luck and njuuuut 👏🏼😀. Hugs from the whole family Lundberh

    1. Yes it feels great (and sometimes crazy) :). Have you applied to the Victoria School before arrival, we hope Mio come in there. Kram

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