“Le roi est mort, Vive le roil”

The king is dead, long live the king.. After 1 month of water, work out, if felt fair play to step down in an opium cave and mourn.. But to get back up with a beard 20-30 hours later (which apparently was almost 200 hours in reality) with spring shout a la Ronia, the robber's daughter, celebrating life felt like a liberation..
(Somewhere, she moaned in French and bit me)….

Woke up bathing in sweat and checked the clock, 04:27…. dreams in paradise are different, everything is in English ((and in French sometimes).).

Spoil the family with American pancakes for breakfast. . F--k muesli,, milk,, yoghurt and eggs.. Tried coffee again as 30 days detox is history.. Pointless, not doing, again.

Apart from this I am the dad/the lover/the chef and the overall service manager , who makes sure everyone is happy and satisfied and that nothing is missing from the menu.. Runs over to our Chinese guests in the middle of the night to help them order food or takes a water sample test from one of the pool that does not look sparkling enough..

Anna handles the marketing with style and the reservations come rattling in through the campaigns she makes for the villas.. Admittedly, we are a little competitive and aim to out perform our precursors, , then final decisions and rate settings lies in the hands of the villa owners. . Networking is not my strongest skill but Anna finds ways which has got us in contact with all sorts of potential guests and we fine-comb the terrain like mine sweepers, slowly byt surely without stress. . All to exceed the expectations of our guests for their stay with us..

Blew past a shop at at least 20km/h when I saw it all Ferrari red and appealing . JAM THE BREAKS.! Mio, nära att flyga ur buren mellan mina ben och styret på scootern. There it was “HJÄLMEN”!! Någon typ hade stulit Mios hjälm ((hanging on the scooter mirror, while we had stopped for a plunge in the sea)) någon vecka tidigare. Men nu hittade vi en ersättare med rang. Och den stulna hade ändå trasigt spänne och var troligtvis livsfarlig.

The woman in the shop had just bought it from “main land”, NOT FOR SALE….. if was for her son during trips to school. But she assists me in ordering some for us. & So through our new “friend” at BB Travel. they arrived today. And now we charge around the roads in our integral helmets like astronauts in space. . As Swedish as , Volvo, and Ikea…

Har fått nys om att Herman & Co will come here in February, eller till grannöarna i alla fall Samui & at least. Den token kan ha bott 1000-2000 only meters away from “my ” gravel road in the undiscovered lands of childhood in which one ran & and played in. Then our paths crossed in the intermediate/high school with “borrowed” cars, motor bikes och porn mags. Looking forward to dust off old memories with him.…

The new storage room moving in date is getting close , final polishing of both inside and outside is going on and the result looks great. The size of it feels tight but once we get shelves up and can organize it all the stuff should fit.

Apart from this we fine tune all systems and run through our duties as though we were “Das Boot”.
Check in list for new arrivals… Done/Check.
Check out list, with new check in within 2 hours…. Done/Check.
Inventory ok / inventory missing….. Done/Check.

The staff is getting better and better at their part of the job, despite our language barriers. Besökte en skola tidigare idag för att kolla om kurs för våra Burmesiska tjejer för att snappa upp engelska via en pedagog istället för en bonde som gick hos talpedagog och knappt kunde utrycka sig utan att folk sa “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” all the time. Seems like Samui has more to offer in the English school department but I have not given up and will follow up on some new tracks tomorrow. Feel like a journalist in search of facts and filters the crap that a combine of being plain in late summer.

Checked out a couple from Argentina earlier and their English was non-existent as was my Portuguese… men lite Veron & Inter went d better. Emil did not need a language to manage to charm the girl so much one became a little concerned about their relationship as she looked like she could actually want to have his kids.…..

So after a little more than a month on the run from or ordinary life I feel closer to Anna, Mio & Emil but further away from the rest of the world with its 50 conflicts and threats of a broken tomorrow. Mio and Emils contact with other children shows a curiosity that rubs off on us adults. I promise myself to also act more often to curiosity and impulsiveness as they do.….

Also I am noting that the movies you could lie and pass time with 20 years ago while waiting for food, that type of hang out in Thailand is all gone. Now people are sitting with a surf tablet/phone instead. Trying to dust off the magic of “The Full Moon Party” is not an option of course, I will never wake up from someone emptying a bucket of water over me 08:00 på en grusväg utanför Palita Lodge igen. Where was Christian Hallemyr???? “Those were the days”.

Today's quote:
“Don´t let yourself be controlled by three things; people, money, or past experiences”.

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