We are freezing!

Tonight we shiver in paradise. The monsoon period has definitely arrived with rain and gusts which results in us only having an air temperature of 28C and a sky that goes from blue to rainy black in no time.

Emil (also known as our own little Skalman, a Swedish cartoon character with a clock that is in total control of his sleeping and eating) fell asleep in the middle of the dinner course. If it is time to sleep, you go ahead and do just that. Unstoppable.. So after dinner Mani, Mio and I played Ludo with some dubious rules, while Emil snored on the sofa next to us.

Then it was time for the daily evening swim in the pool. Neither I nor Mani was overly keen on this activity, but the 5-year-old would not let us get away. Skinny dipping we do. Every night. No pardon. But ohh how cold the water was! Just 25C for sure.

Suddenly we got a little more understanding for those guests who a few weeks back had said that an improvement point for our business could be heated pools. Back then we had giggled at the proposal behind their backs. We dismissed it as silly. Tonight it suddenly felt perfectly reasonable. So in other words, one gets used to high temperatures .

In addition, we have recently inherited a giant inflatable unicorn in My Little Pony-shape from some guests. Crazy oversized for our pool it turned a morning into a bit of a mini-water adventure park for kids (and for the adults as well, mind you). As usual, this toy only lasted for a day. So now it sits tied and punctured in a corner of the terrace.

And I've been working on getting up our villas onto Google My Business (Google Maps). This has proved to be more complicated than one might have thought since the postal delivery is a little unstable to our little cape. The problems with getting mail delivered here has led to that the postcards with Google verification code, I have repeatedly ordered, never show up.

Then you quietly wish there could be a little less analogous way to prove that buisness is situated where it's claimed. But Google is adamant. The postcard is an absolute requirement for them to be able to ensure quality. So to get around this problem, we may need to open a mailbox in the village and let Fisherman's Villas be located there instead.

Then the little map pin is verified correctly according to Google “quality standards” but less useful for those,that by using Google services, want to know exactly where our houses are. To be continued.

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