Friday Surf hard board a little shorter, bye bye softboard. Here we go on the more lightly curved paraphernalia and the bar is raised. A little harder to come by wave and jump up. Once there is a smoother type a skateboard. Emil has also played with surfboarden poor Mio can watch while the little brother runs.

Today's beach hanging was most surf for Mio and Emil, when you manage to fool them down To the beach with the ulterior motive to get some surfing became pappatid, not complaining stand down before breakfast tomorrow. A little scary when a bamsevåg Emil rips out my arms and when I reach the surface, he's gone. My barn🙀 He pops up after a little while, dazed meters bort😁, move fast before the next våg🏊🏻.

Emil can swim now, but the technology to dive under the wave is not in place yet. Today's 3-åringar😉. Many people wonder how we have learned to swim Emil, we have not. Tossed him enough times in the pool just, they come to it themselves. Little guy also managed to pick up a girl at the beach so we had to drag him home almost! The guy who did not want to swim or play in the sand changed course, character and suddenly he went all in on bath and strandhäng👍

Have added lot of time finding new shorts, My size has dropped down a notch. Those who went with here is now too big, sun-bleached and full of mold problems. Well used but the time for update.

Do you remember “Lords of Dogstown”??? Alva and the gang went skateboarding in empty swimming pools of water in California. It has been built like. We are fascinated with flexible heads like a tennis audience, When boys and girls from sliding around like that ridiculously easy. Seems to be a park under construction, so who knows next time we are here maybe it's full of kids on kick bikes and skateboards here.

To blow out the candle for the last time and merge the book. The reverse Weise used to do on Christmas Eve in front sockerdopade and bouncing baby. Curl up in the mess of little feet and arms. The night sneaks upon us as an unavoidable reality. Although there are months away 😜. Evenings with the family asleep and alone under the stars with a book is me time model luxury.

Not to the brain completely, crash landing, preparations have begun. Fix fantastic new manager is a mission we have kicked off. Have sought a four to five jobs and short interview with Skype, phone and email. Fun and a really nice egobooster to be courted. Some prospective employers have been completely foreign to Skype interview remotely, others think it is normal 2017. Now I await only a contract proposal from my new employer.

We have moved us one step down the road to a place with a nice atmosphere. The pool is much larger more comfortable hanging space for big and small. The last place was awesome but as it was fully booked so we had to find a replacement they last 10 days here, which we did around the corner. The positive is that we have been looking around at other places, beaches and discovered more of Bali's back streets which we otherwise would not have seen. You can also skate from the room to the restaurant / pool. Beauty staff and as usual they super nice and helpful. After seven months on the loose has run on a lot of wonderful people from all corners.

Exactly one week left in Bali now before a jump to Thailand (our visa expires). The plan is to stay there for a week and then come here again. Then we island-hop a little on Lombok and the Gili Islands, it is thought.

“Karma has no menu, you get served what you deserve”

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