9 weeks and a few days

Awaited as Santa he shows up in a black taxi. A little late, of course,, like a rock star almost. GRANDAD!!! The children cheered and we all looked forward to this visit that will last almost 1 month.
Hans came dragging an enormous trunk with gadgets from Sweden (crispbread, oat baby formula , sweets and stuff for the villas from the owners).

At the moment we fill the days with duties at the villas mixed with excursions to new beaches. We have probably completed 270 degrees of Koh Tao soon. Everything became a little easier here with Hans presence as it means we have another hand to look after Emil & Mio (Much easier actually).

We also found some kids friends at a couple of the beaches whom we revisit time & from. Mio's desire for playmates is difficult to fulfill here in Cape Shark.

The visa was due to be renewed so we headed for Koh Samui to resolve this in 2 days. Paper work load a la Stasi and more charges due of course. But everything went smoothly. Was worried queing all day with toddlers in some military barrack, but luckily we are in the off-season. Most certainly looks quite different in the peak period. Koh Samui has a lot more of everything shopping, activities, restaurants, waterfalls / park and go-karting or whatever you fancy doing. Hans purchased a nice suit and the rest of us just enjoyed the change of scenery.

Our evenings back at Tao have been a mix of home cooking, parlour games, wine, beer, fruit, take away, night swimming with a sure finish back in bed 21:00. Sleepins we get until 06-07:00. Then Mio awakes and the day starts. This morning, he was taken out on a short run, to practice a bit and spare the rest of the family from his “accidental” attempts to kick his little brother out of bed.

Have been a bit lazy with training and the CAD studies and are now trying to rush to catch up a bit in the weekdays to allow the weekend to be more relaxed. Otherwise, the monsoon season has been a natural break from outdoor activities and we each cuddle with Apple stuff completely self-absorbed & satisfied.

The children's water habits are fantastic, what a development… Emil swims without aid as a puppy, 2-3 meters is no problem. Mio goes on longer and longer runs with the snorkel & cyklop. Anna has promised to get certified so we can plunge down into the deep blue together soon.

After quite some heavy rain we got to sensations of power that had escaped from its cables. Anna got power shocked in the shower, I felt it in the kitchen eg. Did I hear someone say RCCB??? As I'm not an electrician we called in one who in turn called 2 more. These 3 electrician chopped up the floor and replaced someone discarded piece of cable & now everything works again, Power on the run is not OK.

Weekly Quote:
“Don´t depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness”.

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  1. Nu har jag läst ikapp de senaste inläggen. Längtar till nästa! Så roligt att följa era äventyrliga stort och smått. Stor kram på er alla fyra + morfar Hans

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