Arrival Bali

With the promise to return we left Australia and headed for Bali. To be honest, this next stop of ours was not actually something I'd personally longed for lots.

Bali had also been a stop-over on the return from my last Australia visit some 20 years ago and as I recall, it did not sweep me off my feet back then.

I remember that I thought of the island as a less friendly verion of Thailand with intense tourism and overly pushy vendors in the central town of Kuta. And above all, less attractive beaches. If you have been spoilt with pure white powder beaches in other parts of the world the bar is simply raised high.

So back then I spent 2 weeks of touring around the island in search for a white beach that would measure up. But no. The volcano located in the northern part of the island is to be the reason why the shores keep a beige brown black tone.

Also remember that I got dresses sewn up ridiculously cheap and I was invited to attend a Hindu funeral (they burn the body during the ceremony). The latter I declined for some reason.

Anyways, This time we landed in Denpansar late at night. Our Airbnb-booked guest house had arranged a pick-up for us. We jumped into the car, and hey, we were back in the world without seat belts and car seats . The children and we adapted immediately to the new safety rules.

The trip went through Denpansar and past Kuta and Legian to Canggu. It was Valentine's Day and our driver said it made the traffic situation worse than usual. Well, yes, it was mental! Motorcycles, cars and buses crowded in and besides the lanes and quite a few drivers seemed to be on death-defying course given their speed and driving style. The one that honks has precedence apparently. NO WAY I'll drive a motorcycle here, I thought.

Since our flight departure from Carins had become a bit messy due to the stuff up with the tickets and we had booked any onflight food by now, we were pretty hungry . Therefore we asked our driver to stop at a convenience store, and hey, we were back in a country where the convenience stores' stock mainly snacks and soft drinks and the more fresh food oriented grocery stores are scares.

A quick scan of all the store shelves for something edible with at least a shred of nutritional value. Then sighed and picked up some iced teas, a large bottle of water, fried potato snacks and a loaf of white rubber bread for late dinner. Nom nom, eh not.

After an hour's drive as we finally arrived at the guest house. The owner greeted us and we were taken to a spacious, recently refurbished pool side room and the rice field waving on the other side of the foot path. Pretty good value for roughly 180 SEK per night anyway. Dragged all our luggage in and passed out. Good night Bali, see you tomorrow then.

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