Bali 2.0

As the young people were crusing around in the Pacific Ocean and its vicinity anyways on the tour “The Hambergs flag out” (65 and 70 birthday presents for his siblings from the organizer, big brother Per). Then granddad, Christina, Åsa and Richard decided to skip to Bali for a week or two before the cats, snow shoveling, freezing rain and other signs of spring called them home to the Swedish west coast again <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="☔️" src="" scale="0">.

We headed to Ubud to visit the gang for a day before we lured them down to Canggu and the ocean. Monkey Forest<img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="🐒" src="" scale="0"> etc produced lots of laughter at the playful monkeys who possessed impressive social abilities. However, the multitude of tourist legs which crowded the minimal sidewalks and the endless cries with taxi offer gave us “homesickness” for Canggu. The whole town felt like a pre store to Ullared (a gigant Swedish low cost shopping centre).

Emil passed the milestone of three years which was celebrated lots of singing, ice cream and fruits. Presents we gave him as well.Thanks to all who celebrated Emil both live and digitally. Useless idea though as now he wants his birthday every day. The cool thing is that the little fellow swims fiendishly fast through the entire pool, under water like a torpedo. The swimming competitions which were right arid before are becoming more even now.

His mood swings, however we could happily have deleted from the list of skills, The little innocent outbreaks is getting dangerous now that the little brother has grown up a bit and the emotions are overflowing. His temper has given his nicknames like “angry boy” and “vicious baby” among people on this journey. He is undoubtedly perceived as unreliable and “wild Mio” appears calm as when the little brother goes berserk.

Furthermore, Mio has taken over the motorbike, So now one gets rides of the future Rossi. He may not borrow it alone, actually we do have a few rules. Two new teeth were discovered during tooth brushing one day. Behind the existing ones they were appearing. As they grew taller, it began possible to wiggle a little on those to be removed. I was terrified that he would lose/swallow them and miss the tooth fairy's visit. So he got a little help with wiggling. Did not make a sound when I tore both the teeth with the leather man <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="💪" src="" scale="0">. Though we did divide the split project into two days so the tooth fairy came twice, lucky girl.

“A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it” Albert Einstein

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