Byron Bay

Landed punctually on the Gold Coast and Anna on the guys stuck south to Byron Bay.

I jump on the bus and train to Brisbane. Loading up our camper to be the family home the next 3-4 weeks. teeny Large, compact living HARDCORE. Throw in your backpack, on turning up the stereo, looking for M1 south and enjoying the solitude of the car at high volume 😎.

Australia has taken my heart on nothing will ever be as it was. Turn towards Hastings Point for little diesel, Red Bull & one Snickers. Each small ranch looks familiar from someone's dream or maybe from the TV. Arriving at the goal Byron Bay. The place feels like a pretend town ala High Chaparral or Liseberg in XL format but is for real!!!!

No Christmas spirit, men surf, skate, bad, WAVES, denim shorts, bbq & Love. People from sliding around in evening dress fullkittade Party “barefoot” Love it 😜.

I and Mio are looking helmet for the next project “skateboard”. A little Penny Board would fit perfect travel companion for both of us. Old men 50+ takes off at lunch and browsing. Cummins diesel under the hood and heavy trailers forces the roads.
May be the peak time but have never standing so far from home and felt more at home. Love this place 😘.
Facades like a wild west movie and shop windows filled with smart / cool gadgets & clothes. Blowing up the couch on the beach and hang little before d is the time for bbq & tonight's battle in “Ludo”.

Before we stand further south and leave Byron Bay behind us, Let's go up to the lighthouse on checking out the site Anna stood on -95. Australia's easternmost point. Will definitely be here again.
At the reunion Byron Bay 👊🏻.

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