There is no such thing as a perfect paradise

I have been doing some thinking a little around the fact that there are both positive and negative aspects of living in a warm climate in a different part of the world.

The pros :

  • Number one. You get to have no socks. Every day. And furthermore you are allowed to walk barefoot for most part of the day. Pure bliss!
  • Tepid evenings with dinner outside followed by some chilled hang out in the outdoor lounge. Every day. Not only for that handful of moments that can be scraped together in an ordinary Swedish summer.
  • Ripe fruit always available and locally produced. Here you buy smoothies made by fresh fruit for a friction of the price that any given coffee chain back home 50 would charge for it.
  • To be outdoors for the main part of the day. Indoors is more or less just for sleeping.
  • That bathers are the wardrobe's most frequently used garments and that its set up otherwise consists only of , loose fitted, cool clothing.
  • Sun tan. yes it does work wonders for the wellbeing of the mind.
  • Our family skinny dips in the pool after sun set.

The cons…

  • The many lubrication processes you need to keep an eye on for the kids not to get sunburnt. Or get bitten by the ever present mosquitoes . Considering all the frequent pool dips this process takes up quite some space of the day.
  • The insects and bugs. This morning at breakfast I was going to cook an egg. It turns out that the shell had been cracked, which had filled the raw egg with crawling maggots and other insects! So filthy disgusting ! . And if you leave something edible out it will just take minutes until a large mini ant colon has taken over the remains.
  • To be on constant look out so none of the kids drown in the pool . Mio manages very well in the water, but after all he is only 5 and Emil 2 can occasionally forget that he is not the slightest able to swim and just throw himself right in.
  • The lack of a hospital on the island, combined with the slightly increased risk for some a little more serious incident to happen. For example, one can worry about the potentially lethal jellyfish in the sea which seems to increase in scope (no one really knows how big their shoals are or what seasons they appear).
  • Or the probably largest risk; our scooter rides in an environment 60 moped tourists dies (on this and the two neighboring islands) EVERY MONTH. In all of Sweden 200 persons die in the overall traffic in total. Per year that is.. You can get some pretty unsettling probability calculations from that. But hey, sure, most people survive after all.
  • Then we have the mosquito-borne diseases, primarily dengue fever feels particularly unpleasant and not at all uncommon.
  • Or someone could just trip and break something . A 2 hour transport to the hospital on Samui will be a joy then. Not.

The conclusion is that there are no perfect paradise. But anyhow, it feels like the life we ​​live on Koh Tao right now somehow is more unadorned and less complicated then our more well organized ordinary life back home.

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