Gili Islands

Just off of Lombok are they 3 talked Islands Air, Meno and Trawangan. We've set their sights on the Air. The mission is to play UNO, snorkel, feathers, Boost project gingerbread, read and enjoy the presence of small feet in your face as you sleep. Simply squeeze the best of Indonesia together.

The boat that takes us away from Lembongan is loaded with expectant backpackers, lovers and anyone family with children just as we. A quick stop at Lombok båtbyte / reloading. Anna check with the guys that Emil's little wagon is with, guy doing thumbs up and we jump on board. I myself did our 3 bags anyways moved over. Emil's carriage came, of course not, hahaha. Anna ensures that we can ride a horse and carriage to the hotel for free and cart to deliver them later tomorrow.

Here is where all movement on foot, bike, horse or elmoppe. Small paths connects the small island that you walk around in a few hours. The sand is white and the sea is easy 50 shades of blue.

Just as in Lembongan stand Mio and Emil out to the other children and play in full speed until darkness put an end. With a flashlight you go around until they find the home of their newfound Indonesian friends. Rännstensungarna we call the small clusters of barefoot feet that forces the gardens, water hazards, tree, Chickens and horses in high speed.

Take courage and step into a small spartan gym wedged in a back street. Buy a weekly card 100 000:- (70 Wed). Applicable to find form before the Swedish beach 2017 enters. Jumping up on a dusty road in order to check the status of BMI, over 73kg. Changes the target directly from Ronnie Coleman to Mickey in Snatch. 1 week and 6 passports later I weigh in at 72,8kg. All old gymtomtar that look like swollen flour bags after having spent training???? illogical.

After 8 day we pack up our equipment and board a boat over to Meno, neighboring island, we've looked at from the beach. Anna thought I would take the air mattress over the sound and look a little, yet. Little Air to a slightly less busy island paradise was a smart move. We snorkel off with turtles and lot of fish. The beaches are naturally white with beautiful small trees that give some shade over us. Mio and Emil climb, we build huts of branches and sarongs. A provisional sink the ship is parked on the beach, just sit down and play. The food may not knock us but I have oatmeal in the bag as a reserve. We skip visiting rock'n'roll island Tara Wang as most are party and younger audience, we have rännstensungarna, beer and no sleep. Party enough…

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