Dogs, babies, children and warriors in Canggu

As already mentioned, we almost immediately got into the Bali-mode and made ourselves at home in the green soft beach and eco life in Canggu. We had found the ideal accommodation at a cute, newly established guest house with four detached rooms and the pool right on the door step. Perfect for us and our small aquatic animals of offsprings.

Then we sorted out a scooter for a couple of bucks per day. Too right you can ride a whole family on it, no problem. To have our own transport meant that the views could be further widen and made the fruit- and breakfast food purchases considerably simpler.

Canggu is an area under construction situated on the southern coast of Bali. There has popped up eateries and a bunch of stores that obviously has put a lot of love into both range, decor and presentation. The restaurants promote their organic and ecological line and the dishes are served often beautifully composed on the plate.

Very in time, one could say, but it turns out that in reality this is not some new trend in this area , eco and organic is actually old-school food production and around here it has never been done it any other way. However, one has picked up the importance of packaging and suddenly one was trendy. Very clever!

One place that is working hard with his conscious brand is “my” yoga place down the road, Serentity Eco Yoga & Guesthouse. To here people are travelling for yoga retreats from all over the world.

The entire environment oozes health, balance and thoughtfulness. No alcohol or tobacco around here, please. Do not swim in the pool when you have used sunscreen. Lots of cozy spots for rest and meditation. A garden full of healthy herb plants. The restaurant serves farm-ionic drinking water, healthy juices and a variety of scrumptious vegan desserts. If the guests need transportation an electric car is waiting out the front.. Yes they carry it through so to say..

I went here, nervously, a bunch of weeks ago but then boldly booked the large yoga package with twenty lessons. Now it was time to stop the talk and learn yoga as I had said I would for a few years. The environment is the perfect for it and additionally, we would hang around here for a while. Just do it!

Once in the past, a long time ago, I had tried it. at Sats Sportsclub. Vaguely remember something about a standing dog that I have not really grasped the point, a rather fast pace and a compulsory hearty instructor.

To add to the story I'm not a huge fan of performing training activities in group. This could possibly be derived from that I have a kroppskoordinations ability of development and I do not automatically get full marks when it comes to distinguishing between right and left. So the self-confidence was a bit fragile, you could say.

Luckily, it turned out that I now come to the right! There were lots of classes at beginner level and with different teachers who had different orientations and ways of setting up the lessons . Around here you work out to everything from western chill out music to Hindu tunes, or the sound of an unidentified instrument and sometimes in silence with only the opening and closing ohms. The latter, with perhaps a little too, religious allusions for an atheist, but it works anyway.

Do not claim that I understand all the details just yet (vinyasa, yin, hatha and ashtanga etc.) but I learn more and more. The dog, the warrior, the child, the baby, and whatever all positions are called, I do them. Sometimes with lacking talent but anyway. Moreover, the point of the downward facing dog pose is to stretch your arms and spine. And to breathe through your nose and focus on the present becomes increasingly easier.

Yoga also has the advantage that you need to be concentrated on the whim of your own movements and breathing that most of the time you actually forget that you are part of a group. Besides, it's so good to get me time ;). So this will definitely be a habit I'll bring with me back to life in everyday life.

East Forest
This tune by East Forest does the job of relaxation at the end of yoga class really well for me.

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