How to arrange a beach wedding in 1,5 weeks

We had talked about getting married “sometime in the future” for a few years. Mani had aired ideas about a snow wedding with horse and sleigh. We had touched on the idea of ​​having the ceremony in New York. But then we had concluded that on a beach, barefoot with our family four present would be just perfect for us.

With zero desire to mix in some religious drivel and with fairly scattered families (plus that, neither Mani nor I, are any real limelight-lovers), we wished that our wedding would primarily be a stripped down event together with our children.

So far so good. But this type of event do not exactly land all set in one's knee. It requires some form of planning and organizing, however tiny it may be.

On this almost nine-month travel adventure we have had the incredible luxury of visiting a bunch of crazy nice beaches. Despite this, it was not until we got to Gilli Air island that the penny dropped. With a little over a month left before we were to return home, we realized that, if we wanted to have that beach wedding it would probably need to happen. About now.

So we began to search and ask around on the island and in various Facebook forums. Who could help us put together a ceremony within the next ten to twelve days on either of the Gili Islands or on Lombok before our plane would take off to Vietnam? Att the same time, we also started a mail dialogue with a wedding resort in Vietnam. But as over there it was announced that it rained and because our hearts patted a little harder for Indonesia, our main focus was to get the ceremony organized on the islands.

On Google I stumbled across Top Lombok Wedding, an Indonesian wedding organizers with a rather binding name and at least a few satisfied former clients. Did they have WhatsApp, perhaps? I threw away a message, well yes, I received a reply almost instantly.

Like by chance this male organizer was just to organise a wedding on the neighbouring island of Meno, where we also were heading. So we decided to meet at the Meno-resort and immediately began to spin that within the next week our ceremony as well would run there . The room rate according to Booking, Agoda & others our budget would hold for anyway . Apart from this, we still had very little information on what an event like this could add up to.

We began to prepare ourselves. For me, this mainly meant to find a light coloured dress in a little fancy model. After having lived in beach clothes and flip flops for eight months this was a missing piece in my luggage.

Now, Gili Air could hardly be accused of being a ranking shopping mecca but rumoured said that little brother island, Meno would have an even slimmer range. So I simply tried the six whitish specimens Air could shake up and at the end chose the dress that felt the most fitting. By Indonesian standards, it was quite expensive, 250 SEK (25 US), but as it's was a “wedding dress” we were talking about. Right. Dress check.

The project rings we left completely unchecked. Taste-wise, there were no rings on the island, we'd have liked to get (and we're not still not convinced that we want them all). That would be a later issue to consider.

A few days later, we took belongings and children and cruised over to Meno. Oh yeah, clearly an island paradise perfect for both weddings and honeymoons! We sneaked off to the resort where we were to have an appointment with the organizer the following day. Wow, there it was, completely perfect on a white beach cape. but whoops, there was the other wedding couple . And their two photographers. And some approaching hotel staff with an obvious desire to shoo us away.

Haha, nah, we did not feel super welcome at this resort. It subsequently emerged that we had glimpsed the start of a giant wedding. Ninety guests were shipped from different parts of the world to hang on to this resort one week. So they had subscribed to the whole place, and probably a few of the nearby hotels. Wedding organizer had personally drawn up 150 000 SEK at the event (presumably one of his biggest gig). Add to the travel and accommodation for all guests, food and drinks, slushy, fireworks, photographer, clothes, rings, make up, hair & flowers. Wow. We're talking several million now.

Ok, so our proposed budget was well sure anybody percent of this, and although we had been unnecessary cash we would probably hardly have chosen to blow such sums on a wedding. Call us efficient and dreary if you want, but we'd probably just rather rest in a bunch of years for the money.

When we got the first cost estimate for our very much simpler affair as it turned out that even the anorda a little easier ceremony would increase the cost if it ran on Meno.

This is because everyone involved (site ceremony, hair & make person, photographer, Organizing and wedding arrangement (read bow and flowers) would have to be shipped from Lombok and it would also require overnight stays. Hmm. We replied that our budget was about half of what was proposed but we did not see any problem with moving us to a suitable beach on Lombok it facilitated.

Hey presto, we had a new proposal back with the corrected budget. Four or five days later, we could run our ceremony at Jeeva Klui Resort in Lombok if we wanted. Photographer four hours, hair & make, flowers, Frame arrangement, English speaking site ceremony, private dinner on the beach and rooms with beach location included. Price 8.000 SEK (25 US) (or rather 12 million Indonesian ruphier, crazy currency it there).

It was now to let go of control was understood. Wedding dinner menu that was put forward was perhaps not exactly what we wanted (which worked out later when we had to choose a la carte), concept “flowers” and our options regarding the actual ceremony – everything was pretty sketchy packaged. addition, in a perfect world, Maybe I would have liked to marry in nypiffat hair (instead of the worn,matted strandhår eight months outgrowth) and Mani would certainly rather have had on a pair of pants without tears in. But fuck it now.

Last puck to solve was to get hold of a drone which was something we thought would make a cool perspective and a nice memory. But since this request was a little unknown territory for the Intrepid at Top Lombok Wedding so we fixed it ourselves on a couple of hours through a local purchase- & Sales Facebook Group and WhatsApp. Local drönarkillen Arief would show up and shoot some. We wanted to see the previous films, it was only to check his Instagram. No problem.

Ok, let's go!

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