Caravan Life

After Byron, we continued south along the Pacific Highway. The first night stop was Mylestom a few mil south of Coffs Habour. A little gem in a mile-long, deserted white sand stretch as one of our guests at Koh Tao had given us tips on. Then we went inland through crazy beautiful Waterfall Way. Wow! And now we are just in the Granite Belt on the border between NSW and Queensland. Here grown wine and fruit in quantities.

After a week of our rolling home we start in a small way to get into a little practice on the- and repacking embedding of the car and organization of belongings. Here is, as mentioned, rather limited space. So you have to be smart with how to place gadgets. If you make a fool of himself get unpack half the car in vain to get hold of a plate. It will become difficult.

We behave like a genuine family with children. Fuck to find the most picturesque spot on in the caravan park. If you can claim the spot which is closest to the kitchen, toilets, playground and some other children, happiness is a fact. As it is just before the high season, it has been a pretty easy game.

We also gladly spend those chillier evenings (18-20C) hanging in the fluorescent lighting in the lounge room's obligatory shabby leather sofa (where such space is present).

Internet- and wifi connection is it's own chapter . Oh, we have had to fall back a few years in time here . The connection goes from non-existent to shaky and when it is free, it is often a tiny limited quantity which is offered. Then it is over. Children are no longer asking about YouTube (which really is mostly positive 😉).

Reflected the other day that to not have an ok Internet connection has become as weird to me as if you had not had a toilet. It is part of the basic service. It should just be there. Realise that it is a challenge with the large areas that need to be covered here. But still.

Lucia, by the way, was celebrated with our sons singing Santa Lucia and Gingerbread Men in our tiny campervan bed. Emil has practiced throughout the year using a mobile recording from their preschool from last year. He often mix his repertoire with Ida's Summer Song. Approximately here our celebration of light ended and we packed us ready for further travel into the bush.

We had got our sight on a farm park in Tingha. In the middle of nowhere there was a large playground, minigolf, a giant water slide and animals in the form of emus, monkeys, parrots, sheep and perhaps most importantly,, wallabies. Flies were also present by the way, en mass.

We were invited to the owner's backyard which was swamped with puppies, lambs, baby rabbits, wallabie joeys and a very young wallabie they got to feed with a baby bottle. Very cute!

And we love the food in this country. which commodities! Fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, olives, all mostly locally produced. We eat a lot of barbecues as each campground and picnic area have at least a couple of gas grills. Perhaps we will get a bit more hardcore and initiate real log fires in the evenings as the Aussie campers do.

Tomorrow we shall pick strawberries, make apple juice and then we need to pop into a winery and a cheese factory as well. It’s a hard life 😉.

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