Koalas on the bucket list

Although we have experienced amazing sceneries and got a sense of this country's history, we had begun to miss coastal life during our week-long trip inland. Furthermore, we had not been able to meet any koalas yet. And to see koalas are of course on the bucket list. On a visit to Australia one must of course catch up with these cute, leisurely, eucalyptus chewing mini bears.

Brisbane, only a couple of hours away, had the largest koala sanctuary apprentely (Google said). Ok, so a visit there, combined with a bit of sightseeing in 2 the million habitant city might be something for us? As decided, we headed northeast and landed in the park on Friday afternoon a few hours ahead of closing. On site we quickly managed to tick off both koalas, kangaroos, bats, crocodiles, Tasmanian devils and poisonous snakes (among others one of those way poisonous Eastern brown snake Mani had made a road kill of earlier that day).

The park experience was rounded off with a very noisy and somewhat scary (think Hitchcock's The Birds) feeding ceremony of 100s of colorful, wild parrots. These were given a treat of oatmeal by the kids and me (well, and a bunch of others as well). Emil, I think loved this, part the most. All in all, a nice park.

Then we went to the campsite in the south of Brisbane, which was the largest we visited, very well organized and more like a holiday village than a camp site (but with a customary useless Wifi connection of course). Our camper straigth away won the the price of being the tiniest on site. As usual, we prefered to place ourselves on a spot next to the playground. Not before long three young Swiss sisters appeared, especially Mio, was straightaway smitten by them. All children were playing happily with, sign language and key words in English as assistance.

The next day it was time for us “to do Brisbane”. We had not made up a proper plan for this and and had therefore not really a clue on what we “should not miss”. But it had been months since we had visited a major city. Personally, I was so excited about this that I even used makeup. For the first time since September, usually only combing is included 😜. So it did not matter so much what we would do.

We took the bus to the city. On our way in to town Google told us that you could take a public transport ferry around Brisbane's most central parts, and that this tour would be pretty nice. Since we already splashed out on the bus tickets into town, which were then valid for 2 hours and included trips to the aforementioned ferries, I quickly got the family on the next boat (a budget travel tip 😉 ).

Unfortunately, the ferry I had picked went in the wrong direction if to see the city centre was the goal which became apparent rather quickly as it in high speed left Brisbane's high-rise skyline.

Quickly back on Google. But the Westend district would appear be Brisbane's equivalent to the Söder (Stockholm) or Majorna (Gothenburg). Or by all means, London's Camden . The area was to have a lot of Greek heritage and tasty food. Sounded cozy. We were hungry for lunch, and got off. And after walking through a residential area a few minutes we came to the first Greek restaurant. We stopped there and had a great lunch that all four devoured.

After the meal, we continued our walk. At the creatively named Whynot-street a family had spent discarted their toys on the sidewalk. Apparently space needed to be sorted before the expected delivery of more toys at Christmas..

There were all sorts of Lego, vehicles and weapons toys (hmm) which they happily coaxed onto Mio and Emil. The little guys were overjoyed, wow, to receive cool toys, just like that. Even their parents were happy. Toys are indeed a crucial issue when you are traveling with limited space and budget. The boys were encouraged by the former owners “to pass the toys on” When they were finished with them . and, hmm,we'll see what's left to inherit when the boys have had them for a while, most commonly toys they handle are picked down to small parts .

We continued our walk on to the Southbank where we were impressed by everything from the atmosphere to play grounds, the free for all swimming area and the complimentary city wifi. Late in the afternoon we then returned to our wheeled mini-home at the caravan park pleased with our little sightseeing tour .



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