One can be wrong sometimes

Two months in Bali, the island that I initially, dismissed quite heavily, is almost done.

Well, yes, one may have been wrong? Because, without diminishing any of our other awesome stops on this adventure, our stay in this place could definitely have been the most relaxed and completely carefree time for us all. We have had the most amazing accommodation, eaten ridiculously tasty food, only met cool nice people, learned yoga and surfing and really had nothing to think about or worry about. So a 99,99% positive experience you could say.

Mio has advanced rapidly in his English skills after we signed him on the international kids club, The Garden, a place he loves by the way. Emil refuses preschool and prefers to hang out with his Swedish-speaking parents (So there went the vision of a little child-free time once in a while). “I'm going to scream” is usually his little over dramatic response when asked if he also wants to be submitted as well.

Because of this Emil's English vocabulary is slightly narrower than the big brother's but it doesn't prevent him from blurting out in an “awesome” whenever the mature Indonesian ladies come with offer gifts for the Hindu gods and then at the same time stick him a piece of candy.

Both guys are like small dolphins in the water, there is swiming, jumps and dives somewhat mental. And the only problem with this surely is the shimmering green swimmer's hair we suffer from. Mio aka The Hulk worst of all, probably because he spends hours underneath the surface every day.

To try to restore our heads back into a more golden blonde shade, we have tried various home remedies and can conclude that tomato ketchup works best. So a couple of times a week we wrap or heads with plastic bags in a cloud of tomato (a scent you for good reasons probably do not associated with hair care).

There are a couple of off-white beaches here in Bali, it turns out. On the southern tip at Nusa Dua. My bad. To stay there you need probably another budget than ours. The Saudi royal family visited the area a while back and then rented three entire hotel for a week or so. They also took over the airport on arrival, so yes, they probably have more of a right wallet for the area.

We actually made an attempt to move us to a new location / new beach but having been around and check out we realised we liked it a little too much in Canggu. So we stayed put. Why change a winning concept ?

Lately a little countdown has begun before our scheduled return to Sweden in the early summer. There is obviously quite a lot to set up and get organised . To minimize costs most things were terminated before we left last fall so now all from subscriptions, gym memberships (that will be yoga for me then), parking permits to more complicated items like, source of income, to be solved.

The children have been given go ahead for preschool and school that we had applied for in Gothenburg so that's nice. I have started to send in some job applications for a few different positions. You really do get inspired to work digitally here in Bali. Have met so many “digital nomadic” anywhere from young to middle-aged who all skipped the traditional go-to office in a location model and instead work through their computer from the poolside or in a coffee shop in any location. Sure when they work with people in another part of the world there working hours will be a little skewed, but I think you can live with this in exchange for having that freedom.

It is positive as it also shows that more and more companies have started to realize that it is actually possible to have people working remotely. The tasks will be performed regardless, and maybe they will be even better implemented because the person performing them may be more motivated and want to work efficiently so that there is time left for a dip in the pool or a little surf as well :):

It is perhaps a little more challenging to job hunt remotely with the different time zones and without the possibility of IRL meetings, but it is clearly soluble. Mani proved this quickly as he within weeks of his first applications were taking part in interviews with potential employers through both Skype and phone. And my awesome guy pulled it in! Of course, I should perhaps say as he has never been without a job if it has not been voluntarily. This means that our family will have at least one income earner directly when we get back. Quite comforting to know!

As there is plenty of demand for online marketing knowledge, I am quite convinced that I as well will find the right job eventuallu. Is at this point rather psyched to go back to work (do appreciate tips about this btw). “It will be fine” is our attitude and motto ever since we threw ourselves out on this adventure and so far that has been true.

The fact that we have started to think more about life after our trip, it's easy to start feeling that the adventure is coming to an end, but in reality, it is not so actually. We have almost two months to go, which really is kind of twice as long as an ordinary summer holiday. So sweet! Tomorrow we'll head on, a Easter break to Phuket before we plan to live some hardcore beach life on few more Indonesian paradise islands.

Hugs and Happy Easter to you :)!

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