Munan Gumburu and Billabong


Rise and shine time for the National Park Paluma! Initially we stuck here earlier and camped over but a downpour ⛈ the weekend meant we skipped this. Too bad because then we'd been hanging with the local hunter Dennis and his tent, beer and open flame grills. They went anyway, of course. And we came out on a day when the rain dratt.

Taking a break at Frosty Mango is a glass factory with a café. Perfect match for over an hour in the full heat and fan. Fruit trees grow behind the cafe so we take a walk among the mango, bananas and a lot of fruits that we had never seen or heard of before. As an old glass factory mechanic has been pressed itself somebody liters through the years. But cruelly with all those fresh fruits in ice cream. Rating?? Mango får 👊👊👊👊👊.

Paluma Range National Park's real name Munan Gumburu (Misty Mountain) the park is owned namely by Nywaigi-Aboriginal people. But we are welcome to rainforest beautiful content and the way there is a miniserpentin in the Alps.

Here are lot of beautiful hiking trails, bathing, campgrounds and waterfalls. We bathe, climbs, jumps and have coffee, fascinated by the environment. The trees, rivers and mountains become powerful when some dark clouds sliding in and light summer rain say hello before it disappears like a seasoned visitor.


Billabong is a zoo-like place south of Townsville. It consists mainly of crocodiles, turtles, snakes and compulsory Koalas, of course. We petting animals and listen to lectures on how to act if you get bitten by a snake eg. That you can call for help despite the fact that mobile coverage is missing, Satellites help.

Actually, we should boycott all djurfängelsen the zoo, cirkusar m.m. But Australia feels different. A little more of a rehab for animals. Wollabie-baby whose mother was run over, would never have survived without these heroes and will be discharged into the open again.

Instead, of course, a swimming pool to cool off and the obligatory barbecue for those hungry. So we slide into shorts after lunch and flops little before hugging koalas and learn how wombat blocking the entrance with his armor-like butt.

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