The other side of the coin?

Reading a snowstorm is approching Sweden. Data is now in the course of from a header Aftonbladet. It may well be that it is aimed at some little part of northern Norrland and simply have exaggerated everything. So I have not read or reviewed the source article itself. So maybe you still enjoy a clear, crisp and colorful autumn?

Anyways, because in previous posts have been teased with a little beach- and pool images and described our life in paradise can be on site to give you a little sober insight into our everyday lives, right now.

As it turns out, wea are in the midst of the R-A-I-N-Y-SEASON. That is the time of year which started off softly with scattered, short bursts a few times a day and now has developed into a more or less constant rain days and nights through. It is now 4:th or 5:fifth day. It can last another 6-8 weeks . Minimum. Secure appreciated news for vegetation, as before seen very tired and drooping out no matter how much watered. Mosquitoes also seem to enjoy it.

For us, the new perceptions and experiences. We start the day early in the morning to shovel away the worms that little unexpectedly sought protection from wetness on the bedroom floor and terrace.

Especially in the bathroom and kitchen, we must beware of electric shock when moisture crept into contacts. To minimize the risk we shut the power off and live in the glow of flashlights instead. Mani nuts anything about the absence of residual current devices. Should you see something positive with it, get well anyway the ridiculously expensive energy bill lower for us this month, one can hope.

Time for breakfast. Mani, which is usually our own tireless Delivery Man is right osugen becoming completely submerged before breakfast. Self I dare not risk my right fragile confidence moped driving in somebody eyelets, wet mountain road curve. So when we contact a home run place for food. The order must both identify and then also sent via Facebook because the telephone line causes trouble. Could it be due to the rain believing?

The breakfast we take indoor, on the floor at the small coffee table so that everyone reaches the table. Straw roof over the kitchen table have not passed the pressure from the night's rain. On the whole, the previously acclaimed outdoor life right now severely limited. Lounge cushions are uppbullade indoor, Salan's pissvåt and loungers moldy all moisture. It runs between the floors to avoid becoming genomsur.

It is now we note that rainwear should have been packed when we pulled from Sweden. It was a miss. And with the constant rain and humidity 80% should have good advance planning when to wash and then dry clothes. We are still waiting for the laundry from three days back will be dry. Most likely, we will soon come to realize that it just will not happen this time.

Then we have our two restless children, in all honesty, is not always easy to employ and keep the spirits up of, in the right number of hours we spend each day to kick off the villas. Now add the restricted area and inomhuslek and we reach new levels. As for it not to be Phone 24/7 so we draw, play games and tokdansar best effort. But lacking preschool, friends and a wider range of activities for those incredible deal. Anything else would be a lie.

Job part då? Full occupancy of the villas who said. Top and we are proud. But one wonders what those little fellows who have chosen to add their vacation right here, right now, preoccupation with all day? Not even the central parts of the island signs with a smorgasbord of indoor activities. Snorkel in the pouring rain is probably not as many bucket lists? We keep our fingers crossed that it all does not spill over the visitors' Review of the place.

Weather, the mood and feel of the surroundings… All the time we spend on keeping guest service-level peak in combo with severe communication problems controlled with a staff that unfortunately a little too often turn out alarmingly unwarranted and capricious. Everything makes you question their choice of life. A little too much headwind, or forgive, downpour, that are simply.

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