Next time Noosa

Around three weeks had passed since we had started our campervan life. At this point we felt RATHER done with both vehicles and the routines on various campsites, and having to live in a tin-like environment. Even the children felt this, it turned out, when Mio, one day a little timidly, pointed out that there were actually houses to live in, with real beds (made of wood, for some reason). He is usually not the first to initiate changes, as he prefers to keep things as they are.

Anyways, Our last stop was at the ridiculously cool, comfortable and beautiful Noosa. A chic coastal area in the north end of the Sunshine Coast, clearly a spot where the wealthy and beautiful people hang. Well, and us then hehe ;).

We strolled along the beach, in the shops and we identified, with no problems at all, a whole bunch of luxury waterfront houses we could easily use as our life goals. Oh well, this time around our budget is not sufficient enough to make it. Sad but true…

When in Rome..., we celebrated a low-key Christmas at the camp site on the 25: of December. On Christmas morning we awoke to light rain and discovered that Santa had actually managed to get all the way from the North Pole to Australia and had left some Christmas gifts in a sack for Mio and Emil on the car door. Lucky!

We drove into town and window browsed all the holiday closed shops on the Beach Road and surreptitiously watched how Aussie families had set up for Christmas barbecues on the promenade. It all looked very nice and relaxed. But to be truthful, the warm climate and the beach set-up may not actually have enhanced the Christmas spirit for us northerners. Christmas is in the middle of the summer vacation down here. Santa is surfing and hanging out with the dolphins. The palm has Christmas lights. It just doesn't fit for us, sorry.

Then we went back to the campsite and actually managed to swiftly throw together a fairly traditional Swedish Christmas lunch with pickled herring, boiled potatoes, sour cream and crisp bread. Well then, Merry Christmas! This holiday has for long been my favorite (once it is completed, that is). So for me it was not a huge problem that the celebration was over after lunch, tyckte jag.

After 5 nights in Noosa we returned, without any overwhelming separation anxiety, the camper in Brisbane and hopped on the flight to Townsville in north Queensland. Again a heat wave struck against us when we got off the plane after close 2 hour journey and Mio noted that “it smells the same as in Thailand”. Well, that is the smell of the tropics.

On site we were met by my old bestie Will from the wild, crazy fun years in London in the 90s. It was over 20 years ago we were in Australia together and 8 years since we last met up. But the pact that had been made up around -95, that we would always be able to trust that we have each other, no-matter-what-and-where, was still intact. It felt good to see her characteristic corkscrew thatch approaching us.

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