Next stop Cairns

With hugs and kisses, we take leave of Will and Co..

We pick up a Toyota RAV4 in Townsville and head on a roadtrip north. The plan is to use Cairns as a base and then to make day trips with our new family member from there.

Stop at Wallaman Falls on the way, one 268 meter high cool waterfall . The nature surrounding us is indescribable, like a giant horseshoe hollowed out by Mother Nature. It is at times like this the nerd in me'd acquired a drone and filmed it all course <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="🤓" src="" scale="0">.

Mission Beach we stop for some sleep and rested attack the following day. Swim and cruising around on foot. Follow picturesque beach roads north with our new cuddly toy RAV4:ey.

The atmosphere is high in the car, with everyone singing along to Freddie's voice “Another One Bites the Dust” when we drive into in Cairns that will be our home for the week ahead. Our Airbnb place is a hit. A very nice apartment, which is located within walking distance to everything. But we do not care , we “love RAV4:ey” and takes her with everywhere.

The lagoon on the promenade is crowded with sun loving tourists and is also our wading pool when we want to cool off a bit.

Kuranda is a hippie-influenced town, up in the mountains, some hour from Cairns with artists and performers in a laid back setting. This place has waterfalls, shopping, restaurants and cafes. You can ride the scenic train and cable car like real tourists. A major national park worth a visit, walk on hiking trails or ride in the car as we do<img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="🚘" src="" scale="0">.

Josephine Falls we go to to ride on nature's own rocky slide into deep puddles of freezing cold water. Even Little Big Man Emil go down there cheered on by the audience present. As an experienced toddler dad sandwiches, juice, fruit and snacks are packed. We run picnic on a rock in the middle of the rapids.

Swedish shop is in the center of Cairns and we slip into it out of curiosity, pure disaster. Was not expecting a cafe in the style of a flee market, I thought I'd get nicely displayed buns & cookies<img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="☕️" src="" scale="0" data-pin-nopin="true"><img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="🍰" src="" scale="0" data-pin-nopin="true"> baked with love and enticing displays of Kalles Kaviar, crispbread and lingonberry jam or whatever expatriate Swedes missing. But instead I got flashback to the Frasse and co in the series Tårtan. Bought nothing therefore, zero and was embarrassed as a Swede. Would have baked it better myself than that lonely, sorry semla that lay there. P.S. the girl who runs the place is educated as a confectioner<img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="😂" src="" scale="0">, oh alright then.

We drink wine, eat Indian food, Greek food and burgers. A little gluttony warning here actually but the plan is that our next stop Bali will start up as a bit like a health trip.

D-Day is here, we go to the airport and kiss Australia goodbye in all directions ( at least I ) The check in turns out a bit messed up as our onward ticket from Bali is 2 months away. You must have a ticket out of the country within 30 days, otherwise you will not get on board announces the check in staff of JetStar.

Our plan was to buy extendable visas at the counter in the transit hall in Bali, which would allow us to stay 60 days. Which also was OK according to staff at the Indonesian Embassy in Australia when we checked this. Now of course, in reality this does not work. We need to get a new ticket within 30 days if we are to board. So the morons cost us some unnecessary money and get Anna's heart rate to climb up a little . Sitting on the floor in front of the check-in desk as defiant teenagers speedy booking new tickets that we never will use <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="💸" src="" scale="0">. Maybe leaving Australia is not meant to be<img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="😉" src="" scale="0">.

“Life offers you an endless amount of possibilities. Don’t settle for a crappy job, crappy friends or a crappy significant other”.

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