New year, new paths

A little over two weeks into the 2017, when the year summaries start to drop in, it feels timely to sum up the previous year on a more personal level.

2016 was a strange and eventful year for the whole family. It was the year that contained quite a few endings and many new road turns. And it wast the year when we decided to throw us onto this ongoing adventure.

For my part,, so it started with that I finished my last training in content marketing as part of the yearlong effort, I had to change direction. I had got there after having had a long career with the same employer, two completed parental leave and with the great security as applied to income and employment which I enjoyed Because of this,.

Well, as toddlers mom maybe we should have chosen the slightly easier road and stayed 😉. But I also had a realization that half of work still lies ahead of me and I felt a desperate need to change track. Choosing the easy way, in this case, was not exciting nor stimulating enough.

Becoming a parent had only further strengthened my ambition that what I work with should be on flexible basis in terms of when and where tasks are performed. Internet had since long fascinated me with its growing opportunities and challenges. Hence I have set my sight on a work area that has various names but can be summarised as digital marketing and analysis.

So with words like “marketing”, “sales”, “web-based”, “location independent” and, every so often “self-employed”, ringing in my ears, I was ready to set out and look for a job / an assignment for the first time in many years.

I felt safe that I would bring with me some useful luggage both in regards to new and old knowledge and experiences. I was well charged to start working in the real world in an area where so many companies scream about the need to attract skills.

I straightaway landed a marketing job at a company with an exciting product that would be 50% digital and 50% traditional marketing. It felt Simply the. in start👍🏻. Ok, let's go!

Hmm. It pretty soon became apperent that I'd winded up in an organisation with some classic division between “marketing” and “digital marketing” in completely different departments. Probably not an entirely unusual solution for organizations with a few years old.

Cooperation floated no direct friction between the two divisions and for me meant layup that there was very little work had with online marketing to do. And that was what I was passionate about! So therefore I chose to quit. I had simply chosen the wrong path .

A little disappointed that my new position had not been all that it had promised,, I returned home to Mani and the children and we began to discuss the future and recharge.

Mani i sin tur, had for some time known that he could not be developed at the company where he worked for several years and had therefore begun looking for new services in a small way. And what about that vision vi had to go abroad. And have more time with our children before they become too old and bored with us. Ok, so it could well be now then?

Where would we go? What would we do?
Once the ball was rolling, everything went pretty fast and we tweaked a mission that felt like it could fit us like a glove; to start a small rental business of any vacation villas on a small tropical island.

Me, with the background in the hotel industry and my new mission in marketing, seized a perfect opportunity to combine these skills. Mani, on the other hand, always liked to fiddle with and fix stuff. Well, nice, he is also 😊. He could be a perfect handyman onsite.

Thus a perfect match, exciting tasks and beach hanging with the kids in combo. And so fun to be given the opportunity to use English in their daily work, I had missed that.

There was a lot that were to be set up and prepared. Our personal preparations we have already told you all about in one of our first post. (The link is here if you missed it 😊). Before our mission, it was from putting business names, creation of logo, web page building to select and set up booking channels and begin to build a brand and visibility online as cost effective as possible. If you are curious about what programs, tools and channels that we used there is more reading about this here.

Shortly after the summer the adventure began. We arrived and immediately started to dig into all that needs to be taken care of onsite when a business is started up. The first guests checked in the day after us, so then we were open, simple as that.

There was much work those first few months and we succeeded in a short time to get up and running really well. But. To make a long story, a little shorter. It emerged over time that we have not fallen into a dream scenario for our children and reached the objective we had to give us the way on this family trip for that matter. In addition, much had changed in the original arrangement we had with the owners of the villas since we agreed to take care of the boot.

Hence, just before Christmas we decided to choose a different path from the scheduled one. So now the year 2017 began like a blank slate for real. We are forging plans for our next destination and we feel very open minded in terms of how the rest of the year should be continued. It feels both a bit scary, exciting and fun to find out where we'll end up.

But whatever happens, it feels great to know that we would not choose the right path, we just have to go back and select a new road. But to stay on where we have a sense of not being happy and comfortable, it will not be necessary for any of us this year either.

On the subject of choosing direction. Most often, the warning signs appear early, but still we chose to continue on this road when heading for Rainbow Beach from Noosa. Around 20 kms down the road it was no longer possible to continue on with our campervan. So we had to just turn back and choose a different route. By the new road we had a cool stop at a small diner with Australia's largest cactus. And eventually reached our final destination of course :).

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