Heading south

It is now a week since we jumped in the rain on Lomprayha ferry to Chumphon in the harbor on Koh Tao.

Originally we were booked on the night ferry to Surat Thani for further travel to the airport where. Eftersom vädret bjöd på regn, blåst och åskskurar och färjorna till och från ön ställdes in på löpande band så bestämde vi oss i sista sekund för att ta den tidigare, lite knöligare rutten via Chumphon. We wanted to absolutely avoid the risk of missing our flight plus we by now felt very Tagged to get off on this new adventure.

Lite förvarning om vad det var för båtresa i busväder som väntade oss fick vi när vi medan vi köade för att gå ombord såg alla de som, lätt grönvita i ansiktet och med tomma blickar kom av färjorna.

And, my god, vilken obehaglig resa det blev! Gusts and giant waves and a rocking and rolling like no other. I've always sickened by rocking. Therefore, I moved almost immediately to the stern “fresh air”, right next to the overflowing toilets. There I was there. successful! It took only minutes before Mani came after with Mio that had vomited. Then I was next in line. After sitting Mio and I like little sad piles each with a bag in hand and felt the rest of pythons 1,5 hours trip.

There we therefore another unlovely boat on Thai waters to add to our collection. Last time we were in this country, we made a number. Mani kände ifs inte av nåt av vår just avklarade båtfärd och Emil, han somnade. There is something of the sense of balance that makes it. Vissa har det, andra inte tydligen.

Once ashore, it became minibus to the train station. We were right tender by now, and since the train would go on for hours and arrive in Surat Thani in the middle of the night so we decided to find a hotel in Chumphon instead.

The lady in the station's tourist info was swish fixed until both tuktuk driver and booked room. 10 minutes later, we were dropped off at a deserted hotel on the outskirts of town. A little unexpected choice of accommodation might. But possibly paid this hotel good commission or driven by someone related. The range of services at the hotel was an Olympic-size pool but no restaurant and our breakfast needs to PM 07 was initially not possible to solve.

Mani got anyway begin with go with the taxi back into town to fix dinner for us. Meanwhile, fit guys and I to explore the room was large and clean. Wifi:et turned out to be out of order and there was a very detailed spec in English how much various stains on the sheets would be charged. The remaining communications in the room was in Thai. Maybe did not go ng more information was considered.

Mio switched on TV:n who had many domestic thai channels. Absolutely everyone showed the incoming king's coronation. Antingen så var det nåt fel på inställningarna eller så var programutbudet, dagen tilll ära, helt inriktat på detta event, I thought.

Anyways, nu vi fick en natts sömn som troligtvis var bättre än den vi hade fått ombord på ett rullande nattfartyg och vi skulle hinna till vår flight. The next morning came tuktuk driver and picked us up and dropped us off at a bus station. Then there was a 3 hour minibus ride to the airport.

Before we got on the bus had Emil charmed to a large bunch of bananas and throughout the trip as he was then courted by a man who photographed him and flirted with him. Travelling with small blonde lintottar clearly gives attention. Emil älskar det, Mio, not so much.

The flight to Kuala Lumpur was fast and painless. Then we had a 5 timmar stopover i KL som vi fyllde med Burger King, Ipads, laddning av elektronik (Our demand for electricity 24/7 will probably be challenged the next few months),play in the children's zone and countless toabesök which we could happily skipped because the toilets were not top noch.

Mio, som alltid har massor av energi och lätt blir rastlös, passade även på att öva på engelska för att motverka sin uttråkning. Crawling on the floor and exploring so he cried a little mixed phrases he learned “How old are you?” “I don’t know” “one, two,three, four…” “Awesome!” “What’s your name?”, “Chase is on the case” “I ain’t afraid of no ghost”. There may have been occasional English neighbors who thought he was not quite a hundred.

Speaking of not one hundred. Emil broke down in the security check when we were going to the gate to this was the wrong way to what he had targeted the. Svårt att resonera med en förbannad, övertrött 2,5 year old and we others were not prepared to think about our itinerary. So instead of Emil roared aloud in twenty minutes and then the floor just before we boardade plane.

Tidigt på morgonen lokal tid, that 36 hour after departure, we landed finally at The Gold Coast. Following strict instructions and threats of what not allowed to bring into Australia and that the staff sprayed the cabin with something that felt right away unhealthy so we finally get off the plane.

Almost immediately it was reminded of why it is so easy to like Australia and its people. While we took us through passport control and customs, we were greeted by nothing but friendly and talkative staff. Passport and customs usually the right often be manned arrival of the country's most serious and taciturn staff. To come into a country is no laughing matter. But not here. The lady at the passport control took the example spontaneously time to give us some tips on places we should visit.

Lite vimmelkantiga, väl ute i ankomsthallen svalde vi ett par gånger innan vi beställde och betalade frukosten från caféet. Oops! Price levels from Thailand had just quadrupled. Airport prices and weak Swedish krona exchange rate adding to it all. “Nu äter ni upp, barn!”. Yep this is where we will burn the travel funds.

Efter lite fix och trix så hade småkillarna och jag hoppat på en minibuss som skulle ta oss till Byron Bay, that 1 h over south. Mani went instead 10 one thousand, norröver till Brisbane för att hämta ut vår bostad och transport för de närmaste dryga 3 weeks. En minihusbil med high top. From the spacious pool villa for compact living on the go in a flash.

Late in the afternoon we were reunited at a campground right on the surf beach in Byron Bay. Wonderful to be back and I felt so great to have western standard again we all thought. It did well for an hour before Mani commented, “I am home!”. Javisst Bejbi, här vill man bo. Det är ju det jag alltid har sagt 😘.


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