Saturday night fever

Hello all curious about life in the land of the sunrise.

We have moved on from sign language into imagery for our staff to try to understand each other among laughter & despair. Now we fixed up the tiles for each villa that we dress with signs and symbols. pedagogical 100% and more waterproof the results = satisfied guest. Currently we canapés 8.9 the guest reviews after our entry in this rental adventure. APBRA JU!!!!!!

In the community there is the Cape Shark 15-20 villas, which also manages the rental for those who want. Some houses are exclusively private and rented out at all. Then there are some homeowners who manages the letting ourselves in our case. It gets a little competition and glancing at each other and some up here are really good at marketing and presenting their houses professionally. Our short presence 6-7 Weeks can not compare, of course, with people who have been here 4-5 år.

One guest was refused support to hire a private longtail boat around the island for some snorkeling. It did not help the community so I blew down to Beachen & caught one taxi boat with skipper for tomorrow + transfer within 15 my . Of course, a little less expensive than the standard for this part of the island. And right now we have 100% occupancy of the houses, and looking as out of an otherwise deserted Cape Shark perhaps is on 20-25%. It was a pity ;).

“To want is to be able” I believe Ensign Lycke Heim learned sometime in the 90's and I thank for today!!!. Mats where ever u are, I have scares in my soul. THANKS with love furir Vestberg.

Working out on the body and Autocad and feel refreshed, fresh and younger. Although the beard fades to gray and I yawns around 21:00. The water I drink something copiously and brain churning out ideas on how Tomorrow should / would look like, as if the bloodstream would be aerated.

Snorkeled off with GoPron on Tanote Bay the other day,. “Magically” deserted and soul of the old Thailand hung over us like a cloak. Right in the bay was a pretty big rock that went climb and jump / dive 10-15m down to the water. Around it was like an aquarium with lots of corals and fish. Naturally monsoon rains came and raped us on the beach and in the little restaurant all sought shelter in we ran Benjamin & Gabriel with parents. Nice to meet other parents of young children who prioritize quality before one hour of overtime on the job, lr whatever you teeth.

Have oxå discovered cold-pressed coconut oil, Listen cold pressed COCONUT OIL!!!! Replaces all right now.
Sheer Harry Potter gadget. For example, sunscreen (corresponding type 15). I have it in the kitchen, bathroom, the bedroom, på stranden ALL IN EVERYWHERE…….Will be almost hungry for a Bounty huh?? Why have not I discovered this earlier?? I'm kind 42+.

Are of course setbacks in paradise with misunderstandings and strange statement mM. Some shit nödiga individuals who made this his life's work has been expressed so in a way that is thrown TBX to the playground in elementary school. Small people and small problems that we do not put energy into, but we are running ahead. History lessons about who or what was said between people shitting we. A little hair salon gossip or reality show warning on it all.

Is completely uninterested in getting into the cocktail with the bullshit, it does not feel comfortable here anymore, we simply move on. Our family adventure will continue as usual though someone else (Anna, then we have time to some of New Zealand ;)).

Has also fixed a track with English teachers for Burma girls, took the time and cost for a drink. Do call her later because she had a ” bad day” the latest… But it creeps forward in the Thai pace. ” Hey what can”.

Weekly lessons for all SD people with an Apple product in the hands:
“Steve Jobs was adopted. His biological father was Abdulfattah Jandali a Syrian immigrant”

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