The Sunshine Coast

Bye bye Brisbane😘. We are moving north towards IKEA shopping and lunch. We are a lacking a detailed plan for it and first discussed to head pretty far up. Men sansar oss och siktar in oss på Bribie Island efter shoppingen.

A skate park outside the campsite allows the skate christmas present to come out before Christmas and Mio begin testing it. Laughing, falling, crying and getting back up. Should perhaps have got him arm / knee pads too but now at least he has a helmet . Some bruises later, we head off home to Anna and Emil.

The camp has a corral ball court which is quite dangerous to enter. Foot / rugby / basketball balls squeezed among large amounts of toddlers and teenagers. Mio actively participates in all ongoing matches of course.

Bribie Island was once a haven for Brisbane citizens to take the boat to & camp on . Still families slip into the beach in their boats. The channel side towards the mainland is comfortable with parking, playground, restaurants and unfortunately no waves. Two days is enough, we head on further.

Mooloolaba is yet another stylish beach town with waves, shopping, beach walks, relaxing and refreshing. Directly hits the top of the list together with the Byron Bay. The skate park is full of action, surfers in the sea, super long beach, beautiful. Åk dit👊.

I see it park two cars in front of me gray, old and a bit worn. A little girl and her father jump out so cool. Sneak up when they're gone. Porsche Roadster 1600, you may recall Dylan's car in The Beverly Hills series?? Roughly the same. That or a Corvette -62 I should buy directly when we hit the next toy store. Miss the childhood building sets and Christmas is approching, I am worth it.

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