Thailand in/out

After a long stopover in Singapore, Airbus put the wheels 13:00 and they lifted not until the day after 07:55. We pulled into town with a tourist bus which was a smart move to amuse us with long shuttle.

Once back we found a deserted lounge with reclining chairs as we did in order that a camp Islander with air mattresses, cushions, pyjamas, oat baby formula , beer, snacks, Ipads and created little friday-feeling. The boys behaved extremely well in this pretty tough day. We dumped a bag in Bali with stuff we can live without a few weeks, so the family is a bit smoother and easier to move.

So finally we landed in Phuket.

The taxi did not, of course, despite technology that GPS, Google map and address. So we get dropped off at the wrong location of the service pro behind the wheel. Idiot!!!!! Trying to talk to him = pointless.

Anna calling our landlord and describe where we are. It's close, we have instructions to wait, the guy will meet us. Do you think he will??? 😂 We go there instead. bye Bye, then it turns out that the guy forgot the key to our boende👊 – idiot nr 2. Then we still had many ridiculous dialogues when we come, how do we get to the apartment. Bl.a. Bl.a. Bl.a.

Thailand feels a little tired and there are fewer people smile.
We chose to stay at Karon beach this time. The apartment is really nice pool outside that runs as a channel to the main pool around the corner. Gym if you feel little pumpkin. Bor 3 girls next to us with a little guy around 4 years Mio have played a little with. They drink vodka for lunch so we think they are ryssar😜.

But the beaches are clearly amazing, Thailand must have ridiculously many mil of white beaches and turquoise waters. The waves are a bit more modest than in Canggu, but the sound of lapping waves striking the country is as musically. We thrives among Russian people, signs and feel at home in restaurants with menus Swedish. A little Mallorca-charter the whole place.

Tonight is the plan to look at United vs Chelsea if I do not fall asleep. Pulp channels so hope they show the game. The body suffers from lack of sleep and recovery is slower with age I guess.

Have not visited a gym since the time in Sweden and can probably need to put on something kilos or 5.Vågen touches safely around 76-78 kg, later to be the raw epidemic on my kiosk. When working 06-01 for a few weeks. 133 h weeks is well comparable with the normal farmers any. “You will not go into the wall, you will go right through it to a customer”. plummeted 10 kg at no time. By the way, it was where I met Anna for the first time when you could get them to understand that the mechanic is right to focus on running the store.

But the weight will be up from Tommy Prim-body and revels in calories with a smile. Candy is not Asia's strong suit but the cakes are good and cheap, feel like Cookie Monster in Fraggle Rock at dusk.

Of course I missed the game, fell asleep with the rest of the family around 21. Seize the day has been heard, no risk we catch the night anyway. Up and based breakfast to them best, Anna's go to the gym. oatmeal, egg, coffee and the time is right 8 when the disk is gone.

Now off to the gym, soreness tomorrow?? 

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