Townsville. The name is like taken from of a spaghetti-Western movie on VHS. Here we live with Anna's super buddy Will and her kids. The sheep Henry live here too, but the feeling of garden, kitchen, toilets, living room and a real bed is unbeatable.

The fiat was hardly a “space”wagon. So classy to now live with a bunch of laid-back and cool Australian who offers tips on everything within reach (200 one thousand).Townsville has water parks, beaches with lifeguards and BBQs of course. The mandatory villas with their piers down to the boats and beautiful beach walks. A mountain to climb in or to just enjoy the view from is in the middle of the village. Parks, museums, outdoor gyms, rainforest, marina and so on.. You get it, lots of things to peek and try out.

We start up with the Magnetic Island, 20minutes outside Townsville. Fast ferry there and I myself also blazed on the bus and forgot the bag with swimmers 🙀 . The HM-boxers had to be called in as backup.
Cruise around by bus between the different beaches on the island, nice place that we are likely to return to. See you later 😘.

It has come to my attention that it rains a lot in Thailand, lucky we are not there or plan to go there anymore. We had planned to fly to Bali on 6 January and back to Koh Tao a week or so later. Now we do not have and instead re-sketch the itinerary. The new plan is to stay here in Aussie-land until mid-February, then we aim for 🛩 Bali. So we will most likely be able smack some more out of Townsville and its vicinity. The party life we ​will probably skip, but no promises.

Ps: If u are a real HARDCORE vegan 😉
“Honey is the only natural food that is made without destroying any kind of life”.

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