Week No.:1

7 days and already it feels like that unfairly nice!!! September is the flip-flops and we do not care about the news and weather. I also run some form of health starting on this adventure. Just drink water 30 days (Eat as usual but no coffee, oil m.m, you get it) and aerobics in the morning. It feels Buddha anyway.

The island is hilly like a roller coaster. Anna, who did not take virginity on a moped driving than will get a memory for life (GoPro mounting on her when) For her to learn already tomorrow maybe…..

Have access to a perfect four-wheeler for the island's road network but no government official has decided that they are not OK. So Mio and I (sometimes Emil oxå) moped riders up and down to the villages and locate what we need now or later. Drive 50 liters of water on a moped is an experience. We violates so many rules already as both dad and common sense to 4 hjulingarnas absence is remarkable. But we shop and transporting “father&son`s”

I have had time to check in and out guests, print Signs, try T-Shirts, inform staff, fixed telephones, made food, hang out with the family, fix up transportation for sick guest, print more Signs, scrounge up a MOP, get food, If, train, fix simcard, found raspberry, emptying rubbish, drinking water a lot of water and checked the electricity / water meter mM.

Before we went, I decided to exercise the brain as well as I struggle on with AutoCAD in the evenings when E & M sleeps. Not tonight, however, the blog will be my last energy before I go to sleep, is ridiculous evening tired. But it will go forward, I hasten slowly, thought to have houses here aims to draw up course.

Weekly Quote

“The brain naturally craves 4 things: Food, Sex, Water and Sleep”.

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