Wild Wild West

We pack ourselves into two vehicles and head west. The Outback, red soil and pretty much Aussie labor history.

Our car is suffering from an old crash damage so the cooling system leaking part and has lost some power. We circumvents the problem of maxvärme, fan and so is the motor pulse of perfect 90-93 grader.
With all the windows down and a bastard scarf around my neck (get torticollis otherwise) Pumps we Bob Jovi in ​​bandaren🔈. Blaze of Glory plate is made for a roadtrip like this. The temperature in the cabin, I dare not measure, but the car is free (-soup). When complaining about not.


Old gold rush burrow during the glory days consisted of bars / brothels / hotels / Dynamite / gold and shattered dreams. Today, the mine is still active but the town / village feels deserted 🏜.
We step around among the abandoned equipment and signs that give a clear picture about life here that kicked off in the late 1800s. “Hot as hell” was the name of one of the mines.

Narrations from kids who thought dad passed away too early and tragic stories.
But one gets tempted to stop at a stream and pan for a bit just to. Perhaps you run a search expedition gold before you die if you can find someone more geek who is hungry. 🏕
Charters Towers we take the opportunity to look a little on when we are near (100km)🙀. From Ravenswood, this was the nearest town. BBQ in the park before we go to the local outdoor pool to wash away the desert dust and sweat.

Where we are met by a 50 and one 25 meter pool and wading pool for the smallest and find that we are the only visitors. Sick, a Saturday in perfect badväder when the town is otherwise already closed. Where are all the Aussie house days??!

Weekly Quote

Be happy. Be who you wanna be. If others don’t like it, then let them be. Happiness is a choice. Life isn’t about pleasing everybody.

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